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Monday, November 10, 2014


Flyer 1 : Fitness First 

Informative: The body copy of this flyer is interesting because instead of selling the services of Fitness First, they wrote down some informative message that are related to health and fitness. Other than that, the information in the flyer regarding to Fitness First is very detailed. At the back of the flyer, it showed the location and phone number of all Fitness First outlets across Klang Valley, they also listed out the social media platform that Fitness First is on, such as Facebook, Instagram and website.

Visual: The visual of this flyer simple yet straight forward, it showed a girl working while having fun. This gave a positive perception to the audiences that working out at Fitness First is fun and playful.  Beside that, the layout of the flyer is also very organized. All the texts are designed to read for the eye and it goes with the right flow of reading the flyer. 

Promotional Message: The idea of this flyer is to inform audiences that Fitness First concept has changed.  Previously, Fitness First was a more family friendly gym, but now Fitness First has changed its concept to a crossfit and training gym.

Flyer 2: J.O.M Festival 

Informative: The information showed in this flyer is very detailed. It showed the time, dates, venue of the event. They made it even more detailed by showing the event program, from the beginning  toward the end of the event. They also added the prices to participant the event.

Visual: The visual of the flyer is very suitable for the event and its target audiences. They designed the flyer with a large amount of neon lights so that it is easy to relate to the event which is the "After Glow Night Run". With this design, it can easily attract their target audiences which are the youth and college students. Because college students nowadays like events such as raves, party and clubs. 

Promotional Message: The idea of this flyer is to promote the event and attract people to join the charity run.

Friday, November 7, 2014


Sudah Potong P1 WIMAX TV AD

The Sudah Potong P1 WIMAX TV Ad was a successful TV ad in the 2009 because of its’ humor and the way the ad message is delivered. In the beginning of the ad, they opened up a strong and captivate attention of the consumer by using sexual and humor as the starting of the ad. In the ad, all the actors were saying the word “potong”, in Malay culture, “potong” means to go through circumcision. But what “potong” actually means in this ad is wireless. For the youth they think that the ad is interesting and funny. Even the dialog and contents are humor, it still served it purpose to sell the USP of the product, and they mentioned that the product it is faster and better after it is “potong”. The ad aslo uses “benefit causes story” techniques to show the audience what benefit of the product can solve their problems. The ad was so memorable, even people now in 2014 still remember the ad. On the contrary, the campaign was so successful that P1 oversold its capacity throughout the country, and has remained a top-of-the-mind broadband advertisement since. P1 not only emphasizes on advertising and marketing, but is also continuously enhancing and expanding its 4G network to serve customers' needs. 


Sprout by HP

The visual in the ad is very direct explaining the Unique Selling Propersition of the HP Sprout. The HP Sprout ad showed the major selling feature of the product which is a PC that has a  projector uses a 3D camera to scan objects directly into the PC, images can then be beamed, and interacted with, on the mat. The ad also capture attention of the audiences because the setting of the ad was colorful and the way that the ad presented was very warm and friendly. Besides that, the visual of the ad also clearly explained about the product’s USP. The ad is also very memorable because of the product’s fascinating features and also the visual of the ad. Reason why this is a good ad because it created a buzz on social media such as 9gag and also YouTube that has like over half a million view in a week.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Swipe & Log 10

Type: Magazine Print Ad ( Symbolized The Benefit)

·      Benefit highlighted:  In the ad, it tells the benefit to the audiences that the Gillette does not only help the customer provides prescription strength wetness protection, freshness and it also minimize irritation of the skin in a very creative way. 

·      Ad’s appeal: In the ad, it  also showed the differences for using and not using Gillette's anti-perspirant which is the "better plan" and the "back up" plan visual. The ad is using rational appeal because of the visual and the information given in the body copy are very factual.

·      What I like about the ad: What I like about the ad it's the tone of the ad because it is humorous but yet it is factual. Besides, the visual of the ad is very straight forward and easy to understand.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Swipe & Log 9

Type: Magazine Print Ad ( Symbolized the Benefit)

·      Benefit highlighted:  This Converse ads show the benefit of canvas shoes to the audiences with the headline " Shoes Are Boring Wear Sneakers". With the headline, we can tell that Converse is trying tell the audiences that they do not have to worry if their shoes get dirty because with Converse, even if it's dirty, it is still playful. The customer benefits in the ad is that when customer wears Converse, they are carefree and do not have to be concern if the shoes get dirty or not.

·      Ad’s appeal: The appeal of this ad is emotional because it engage fun and carefree elements in the ad. So when the audiences see the headline, they may imagine themselves wearing Converse and having fun without being concern if the shoes get dirty. 

·      What I like about the ad: What I like about the ad is the visual and typography. The visual is fun yet simple and very relatable to the Converse's target audiences because most Converse's users are teenagers and young adults. And with the very bold and straight forward headlines, it is easy for the audiences to read and understand.

Swipe & Log 8

Type: Magazine Print Ad ( Benefit Causes Story)

·      Benefit highlighted:  Even though this do no sell any product, but it is also a form of advertising. In this ad's headline "We're Growing Fast. You Will Too,Once You Join The Team", it tells the audiences that if they are working at San Francisco Coffee, they can improve (growing fast)  themselves as San Francisco Coffee is growing fast across the nation. In the body copy, the ad listed all kind of benefits that they will provide to their employees such as great pay, training and gaining new skills. 

·      Ad’s appeal: The ad appeal for this advertisement is both rational and emotional because in the ad, they showed the benefits for the audiences if they work with San Francisco Coffee. The emotional appeal comes from the visual of the ad. The visual of the ad is humorous and creative, when an ad is funny, the audiences tend to have more feelings towards the ad, and maybe with that, the ad will become more memorable. 

·      What I like about the ad: What I like about this ad is the headline and the visual. The headline is very easy to understand even though it is indirect and the visual is funny yet it serve the purpose of the objective of the ad. 

Swipe & Log 7

Type: Magazine Print Ad (Symbolized the Benefit)

·      Benefit highlighted:  The Playboy Premium Condom shows the benefit of the product with the headline " Pleasure In Every Pack", it sells the point that the product is comfortable enough for the customer to enjoy and carefree. In the body of the ad also mentioned about the variety of the same product line such as ultra thin condoms, extra fit and many others. It gives options for the customer and acknowledge them that Playboy Premium Condom series has 5 different types for them to choose from. 

·      Ad’s appeal: The ad appeal of this ad involve both rational and emotional appeal. The emotional appeal can is caused by the image of the woman's mouth. The woman in the ad is posed sexually and a very seducing way and it can caused arouses to the targeted audiences. And for the rational appeal the ad shows the benefit of the product and listed out the variety of products type to let the customer choose according to their preferences. 

·      What I like about the ad: What I like about this ad is that it is very direct and simple. The whole point of this ad is just to tell to the customer that the Playboy Premium Condom is comfortable and it has many varieties for the customer to choose from according to their preferences.