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Monday, November 10, 2014


Flyer 1 : Fitness First 

Informative: The body copy of this flyer is interesting because instead of selling the services of Fitness First, they wrote down some informative message that are related to health and fitness. Other than that, the information in the flyer regarding to Fitness First is very detailed. At the back of the flyer, it showed the location and phone number of all Fitness First outlets across Klang Valley, they also listed out the social media platform that Fitness First is on, such as Facebook, Instagram and website.

Visual: The visual of this flyer simple yet straight forward, it showed a girl working while having fun. This gave a positive perception to the audiences that working out at Fitness First is fun and playful.  Beside that, the layout of the flyer is also very organized. All the texts are designed to read for the eye and it goes with the right flow of reading the flyer. 

Promotional Message: The idea of this flyer is to inform audiences that Fitness First concept has changed.  Previously, Fitness First was a more family friendly gym, but now Fitness First has changed its concept to a crossfit and training gym.

Flyer 2: J.O.M Festival 

Informative: The information showed in this flyer is very detailed. It showed the time, dates, venue of the event. They made it even more detailed by showing the event program, from the beginning  toward the end of the event. They also added the prices to participant the event.

Visual: The visual of the flyer is very suitable for the event and its target audiences. They designed the flyer with a large amount of neon lights so that it is easy to relate to the event which is the "After Glow Night Run". With this design, it can easily attract their target audiences which are the youth and college students. Because college students nowadays like events such as raves, party and clubs. 

Promotional Message: The idea of this flyer is to promote the event and attract people to join the charity run.

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